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The big-bore self-loating hose Composit has been dominantly settled to the preferable position of the biggest seaborne dredging divisions throughout Russia since it was irstly developed and brought onto the market by Composit, llC. The hose loat consists of synthetic foamed material and rubber-fabric protective outer cover. The foamed material provides buoyancy no less than 10% taking into account the weight of the hose line completely illed with handled mixture.

The rubber-fabric protective outer cover of the loat prevents the line from mechanical damage and external effects. The body of the hose is natured of the uniform monolithic construction of foamed material and protective rubber-fabric cover.

The colorbanded rubber-fabric cover of the loat is irmly vulcanized onto the body of the hose nearby the langes in order to avoid the physical destruction of the hose via protecting the end portion of the loat from external effects.

A ivefold safety-margin of the frame structure made of cord fabrics provides uniform distribution of internal stresses. The thickness of the internal wear-resistant rubber liner of the hose is 2 times higher than that of the standard hose. This solution signiicantly increases the lifeservice of the depreciation of the hose line.

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